Ken Worden Insurance Services

Group employee benefit insurance is complicated. Getting answers isn't when you have over 30 years of experience backing you. We're passionate about advocating for you and putting your mind at ease. Click below to learn more about us

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Agent Services

Picking the right blend of employee benefit insurance options for your company can be baffling. We cut through the complexity and lay out your options. Then we stick with you throughout your coverage period to explain potential costs and contest incorrect claims on your behalf. You pay us $0 above the cost of your premiums

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Concierge Services

There’s an entire industry of medical billing experts - one hospital trip can result in bills from half a dozen providers whose names you’ve never heard. Sorting through this mess is like going to trial without a lawyer. Instead, let us be your advocate.

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Coverage Audit

Ever had an expert audit your current group employee benefit coverage? Are you overpaying? Are you getting the full coverage you deserve for the price? Has anyone ever asked you these questions and taken your concerns seriously? That’s exactly what we do. Click below for a free checkup, no strings attached.

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Employer Strategy

Are you planning a big expansion or change in staffing? Staff concerned about benefits and coverage? How can you maximize your employee benefits while staying within your budget? We advise on proven quick wins and long-term strategies to address all of these concerns

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